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Showing posts from March 20, 2011

Record Industry Sues Limewire For All The Money In The World!

I kid you not. The US recording industry is seeking damages amounting to $75 trillion - or about the sum total of all the money in circulation in the world today.

In further news the US recording industry has acquired a furry cat, a henchman, some beautiful female accomplices and is currently plotting to place a laser weapon into orbit over the planet to back up their claim...

Scrobbling Comes To Windows Phone 7... Sort Of!

More and more of the shortcomings which stop me making Windows Phone 7 my primary platform are being addressed. The latest is the ability to scrobble tracks to, something that's been a real bugbear for me since getting the HD7 last year.

Let me say straight away its not the ideal solution - which would be a scrobble to at the end of each track. That's probably going to have to wait for this winter's Mango update and true multitasking.

In the meantime its possible to get your tracks scrobbled each time you sync to Zune on the desktop using a tool called Zenses2. Once your phone has synced, close the Zune software and start Zenses2 which will then allow you to scrobble tracks to

Apple Sues Amazon, Thinks Users May Forget Which Phone They Bought

As predicted, Amazon launched its Amazon Appstore in the US today, which was closely followed by news of a suit from Apple attempting to stop the use of the Appstore name as its a (currently disputed) Apple trademark.

The reason behind the suit? Apple feels that smartphone users may confuse the two stores.

Which could possibly be valid, except that Android users have no access to the Apple Appstore and Apple users can't get to the Amazon Appstore.

Going to take a mighty impressive fool to land themselves in the wrong one isn't it?

As to the wider question of the validity of the Appstore name, I can see both sides of the argument - its like Clarks being granted a trademark for the words Shoe shop, far too generic and obviously not trademarkable.

On the other hand I'm struggling to think of a time when people referred to a piece of software as an 'app' before Apple launched the iTunes App Store. I suspect much will hang on this fact when it comes to court.

What Do You Know? Turns Out People Do Want Big Screens On Their Smartphones

Remember a certain Mr Jobs telling us that nobody would be interested in big smartphones with big screens? I believe he went as far as to denigrate them as the Hummer of the smartphone world.

You won't be surprised to find out then, that large screen handsets are selling like there's no tomorrow. In fact in the US smartphones with 4" or bigger screens make up a quarter of all smartphones sold.

No surprise either that those smartphones are almost all Android handsets, something else Steve told us wouldn't sell...

Fast App Switching For WP7

You may have seen that there is a (reasonably tricky) method for enabling fast application switching on WP7, there are details on Pocketnow's web site if you haven't.

Being keen to see what my HD7 could achieve without Microsoft's restriction in place I naturally followed the instructions and can confirm not only that they work, but they work well.

Returning to most applications happens without the restart or resume phase, making for a much more fluid device. Other applications appear to continue to run in the background - Internet Explorer carries on loading pages whilst you are elsewhere for example.

There has been no discernible performance hit from making the change - although I have yet to complete a comparitive battery run down, which may show a change.

On the whole though, Microsoft and its partners (as well as some intrepid hackers) have done a very good job of closing the functionality holes which affected WP7 at launch.

The Nodo update due next week should bring furth…