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Showing posts from February 27, 2011

Android Reaches A New Low

When I say low I mean low price - and I really do mean low.

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini is now available for less than £40 (plus compulsory £10 top up) which gets you the phone, 6 months of unlimited internet and 100 minutes of calls.

That's a deal, even if the Pulse Mini isn't the latest or greatest smartphone, its certainly worth every penny of that price and more.

Microsoft Entering Critical Update Period For WP7

As I posted earlier, WP7 seems to have got off to a pretty good start, in the US anyway. 10% market share for a company coming off the back of an (almost) universally despised OS has to be something of an achievement.

Carrying that forward to create the momentum the platform requires will hinge on a couple of planned updates and how successful and timely they are delivered.

The first is the NoDo update - due to begin shipping March 8th. This adds copy and paste as well as some performance enhancements. Given the issues that Microsoft has seen with its first 'test' update on a small proportion of phones I would expect this to be delayed, possibly until the end of the month

The second update, Mango, has been promised to Microsoft's partners in the Autumn, with enough time for them to have devices in store for the Christmas sales rush. Adding additional functionality, not least multi-tasking, means it will be anticipated and any delay frustrating.

If the delivery of these two u…

Comparing Apples With Apples

There's a whole cottage industry springing up around the concept that certain tablets are too expensive and the competition can't build to the same price as Apple because Apple has sewn up the supply chain.

What nonsense.

A recent teardown put the build costs of the Motorola Xoom at around $30 more that of the original iPad. Which considering its much more modern processor, more memory, two cameras and bigger screen doesn't sound like a whole heap of beans.

It will be interesting to see how iPad 2 teardowns look in comparison.

Windows Phone 7 At 10% US Market Share

Nielsen Mobile latest state of the US mobile industry report makes for some very interesting reading for more than one reason.

The headline figure of Android's continued domination of sales probably isn't surprising. Nor is the rapid growth of HTC as a supplier. That both are appealing to a younger demographic suggests that Google's platform has a strong long-term future.

What is unexpected and hasn't yet been picked up anywhere as far as I can see, is WP7 capturing 10% of the market in its first quarter. That's way above what I would have predicted and will make good reading in Respond.

Whether this is down to the launch day boost - and heavy marketing campaign that went with it - or an indication that Microsoft are back in the game remains to be seen.

iPad Reduced By £100

Apple's new iPad looks a useful upgrade on the original and as its going to be the same price as the original (£429 for the 16GB WiFi only model) its not surprising to see the older model discounted to clear stocks. If you're in the market for an iPad I'd strongly suggest that the value of the upgraded iPad is a lot more than the £100 you'd save going for the older one.

Of more interest is why Apple have had to take this measure. Apple is the strongest company in the industry at managing inventory and plans its stock in the channel to the day to achieve the best returns. It's hard to believe that Apple's strategy included large numbers of model 1 iPad being on the shelves by the time they made iPad 2 public knowledge yesterday.

This is strongly indicative of sales being weaker than Apple had been planning - the size of the discount being offered suggests the number of old models still stocked is significant.


I'm guessing that sales of Android devices hav…

Amazon Market For Android Arriving This Month

This looks to be an interesting development in the Android application arena. Amazon are rumoured to be ready to launch their marketplace for Android as soon as the end of this month.

Amazon's store will differ from Google's by vetting applications and being generally more restrictive in the applications it sells. Against which you'll have the advantage of Amazon's proven customer service and electronic fulfillment experience.

I suspect a lot of Amazon customers will prefer the security of a company they have a lengthy relationship with and jump ship from the Android Market - at least as far as their primary point of purchase goes.

Steve Jobs Tells Fibs At iPad 2 Launch

Perhaps the rather modest update to the iPad or the stress of being trounced in the phone market forced a little bit of untruth into Steve Jobs usual hyperbole laden unveiling show.

Repeating a now well discredited misquote he claimed Samsung Galaxy Tab sales were quite small (as opposed to smooth). That's not only blatant lying, buy I think also a good indication that Apple is running scared over the tablet market.

100+ tablets have been launched this year and whilst none particularly outdoes the iPad (and now iPad 2) in all areas pretty much all of them beat it in one or two key functions, whilst equaling it in others. There is choice in size, price, functionality and capability from the £99 barely usable knockoff through to the feature rich devices from HTC, Toshiba and Blackberry that don't try to compete with Apple on price. Every sale will hurt Apple and whatever Mr Jobs would have you believe, these choices will rack up phenomenal sales between them.

The same angst and p…

Alfa Romeo 4C Redefines Automotive Beauty

Want to talk stunning? You need know nothing else about this car than it is an Alfa Romeo...

Doesn't matter what car I happen to be driving, my heart will always belong in an Alfa...