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F1: Heidfeld Lays Down Marker For Renault Drive

Quick Nick Heidfeld doesn't get an awful lot of respect from the F1 media, this despite outgunning his many team mates over his career. Looks like a step in to former Sauber partner Robert Kubica's Renault team as the replacement for the injured Pole might give him a chance to answer those critics.

Quickest in his first test session in the new Renault car and requiring only two hours of testing to eclipse both Petrov and Kubica's previous best times seems like the sort of work that will get him to the grid in March... Goes Subscription For Mobile Users

To be honest I had always assumed that using on your mobile
was only possible if you were a subscriber, until last year when I
installed the client for Android and discovered that radio services
were free using the official client. Strange, I thought, as the
Windows Mobile unofficial client Pocket Scrobbler had been forced to
remove radio capability previously.

That's changed now, with today's announcement that mobile radio
service will now only be available to subscribers, bringing
into line with Spotify.

I don't think there'll be a large impact for most users and for those
who do use the radio function the subscription cost of £3 per month
doesn't seem outrageously high.