Showing posts from February 3, 2011 Goes Subscription For Mobile Users

To be honest I had always assumed that using on your mobile
was only possible if you were a subscriber, until last year when I
installed the client for Android and discovered that radio services
were free using the official client. Strange, I thought, as the
Windows Mobile unofficial client Pocket Scrobbler had been forced to
remove radio capability previously.

That's changed now, with today's announcement that mobile radio
service will now only be available to subscribers, bringing
into line with Spotify.

I don't think there'll be a large impact for most users and for those
who do use the radio function the subscription cost of £3 per month
doesn't seem outrageously high.

F1: Kubica Injuries Career Threatening

Polish driver Robert Kubica is reported to have suffered multiple fractures in a crash in a rally in Italy today. Several reports differ in the detail but there is general agreement that he has leg, arm and possibly hip fractures too.

It seems highly unlikely that he will make it to the grid for the start of the season, or possibly at all. Its reported that the injured arm is the same one that he previously injured in a 2003 road crash and is already held together with titanium plates.

Without wishing to pre-judge the reports if the medical centre Renault team boss Boullier has indicated that Bruno Senna is the more likely choice to replace Kubica if he is unable to continue.

Whilst the general extent of the injuries are bad there is the consolation that they aren't life threatening. Yet it would be terrible to see the end of a career which promised so much.

Never Knowingly Undersold

The Guardian (of all things) has an article today claiming that John Lewis has downgraded its price match promise, to the detriment of its customers. Except that a delve into the article pretty much disproves the whole premise of the piece.

It looks like John Lewis has changed the terms of its guarantee to be a like for like comparison with other retailers who offer the same products with the same guarantee (John Lewis offers longer than standard guarantees on most products - 2 years on electricals for example).

Let's be honest, there's nothing underhand or deceptive here and the most surprising thing is that the Guardian felt it was worthy of an article.

And just how important is price when shopping at John Lewis? Isn't the differentiator the number of (decidedly non-pushy) staff and their good product knowledge?

F1: New Mclaren Looks Like A Winner

Its my experience that if a F1 car looks good at launch its probably
going to be competitive. No idea why that should be, but I can't think
of a single successful car that looked a dog's dinner when launched.

So the new 2011 Mclaren should be a winner based on its swooping
curves and interesting sidepod design...

Nokia and Microsoft To Announce Tie Up?

It's something that has been the subject of speculation for some time, but the strength of current rumour that Nokia and Microsoft will look to fix their mobile ills by joining forces seems significantly more credible this week.

Nokia has a meeting planned for February 11th in London and this is likely to be the venue of any Windows Phone 7 announcement.

For this to be a mutually beneficial project Microsoft is going to have to get its update mechanism in action as there are just too many missing features to compete right now.

For Nokia anything is better than the steaming pile that is Symbian, its never had a problem with hardware and something like the N8 running WP7 sounds very tasty indeed...

Zoostorm SL8 Update

I promised to discuss some of the SL8's must have applications last time out but I've found that as it performs identically to a standard PC pretty much all the time that would be a pretty pointless exercise.

There are a couple of programs that really stand out in touch screen format though. Spotify, which works on the move because you have access to the full desktop version; and Windows Media Centre, which works as well in a small window on the SL8  as it does full screen on a PC.

I'm glad to report rock solid stability, something that Windows 7 seems to have nailed down, my Acer ultraportable gets restarted when Microsoft pushes an update out, otherwise its either on or sleeping. The SL8 is proving to be similarly stable.

Now That's What I Call Responsive

Two days ago I pointed out that a Blogger application for Android was long overdue and what do you know, today an official Blogger app hits the Android market.

Pretty impressive customer service wouldn't you say... now, what shall I ask for next?