Spotify Really Disappoints

I hate to harp on about this but for a service which is mostly brilliant Spotify has done a frankly pathetic job of its mobile client. On Android and iOS it looks awful and is a nightmare to navigate. As an added bonus its crashes repeatedly on ICS. There's no specific tablet version for either OS and as a result it manages to disappoint pretty much across the board...

On Windows Phone 7 its a different story - it looks fantastic and integrates well with the Metro interface too. Its awfully buggy though and, let's be honest, if you've got Windows Phone 7 you're going to be using the far superior Zune Pass for your music service if you've any sense.

Spotify is pretty much reliant on its mobile client to generate Premium subscriptions. To be relying on a tool that is so bad to keep your business solvent seems pretty crazy to me. Even for Scandinavians...


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