Spotify Mobile App Is Bloody Awful

Having made the switch over to the Galaxy Nexus from my HD7 I was no longer able to access WP7's Zune music streaming service. That's no problem, I'll just sign up for a Spotify account. After all it works pretty well on the desktop, so on a mobile device it should be okay.

No such luck. This is a pretty ropey bit of software, both on Android and iOS.

Realistically the only way to use the mobile Spotify client is to create playlists on your desktop and then make them available offline on the device.

Music discovery? Recommendations? Browsing? Just some of the things that are frankly unusable.

To add to the misery Spotify has no tablet app, so the only option there is to use the awful mobile one.

How bad is it? Well let's say that I'm going to start carrying my Windows Phone again just so I can continue using my Zune Pass on it.

Spotify you have less than a month to fix it...


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