Microsoft's App Strategy Points To WP7 Problems

I'm a big fan of Windows Phone 7, its a mobile OS that is both nice to use and look at. However, Microsoft's strategy of placing its gold standard applications onto competing platforms would suggest that internal battles between business units could rob the fledgling platform of its one chance of battling into the Android/iOS duopoly.

The arrival of Xbox, Bing, OneNote and other tools on the iPhone and iPad mean that the parts of the business responsible for those products have put winning iPhone users above helping its own platform to win. Should the Office division follow suit and produce an iPad version of Office then the Windows Phone division might as well shut up shop.

Its not going to be good news for Microsoft's Windows division either, with Windows 8 being its big play for the tablet market.

Its a tough few years ahead for Microsoft, not being helped by a continued lack of direction within the company....