Alfa Romeo Now Only Making Two Models

The decline of Alfa Romeo under Fiat stewardship continues. Having lost the GT Coupe, Brera and Spider in recent years; with the 166 long dead and looking like it may be never be replaced; variety is one thing you weren't going to find at your Alfa dealership.

Things have gone from bad to worse though - Fiat's pressing need to up production capacity of the ultra-desirable 500 has meant that the 159 production line has been shut down so that the old Alfasud factory can start building little Fiats.

With no guarantees that a replacement will make it to production Alfa is left with the Punto based MiTo and the Giulietta to carry the company until the arrival of the 4C at some time in the future.

Its not how the proud history of Alfa Romeo should be handled, especially just at the point where it has completed its centenary.


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