A Victory For Common Sense

Whatever else happens in this week's football involving England and Wales an important victory has already been won.

The players of both teams will be allowed to wear poppies on black armbands to participate in Remembrance Day.

The outrageous behaviour of FIFA in initially denying the teams this right has been roundly condemned and rightly so, this is symptomatic of the sort of mindless fascism which soldiers fought to defeat in two World Wars.

To suggest that remembering their bravery and sacrifice could be construed as a political or religious message is unbelievably insulting and the idiots responsible should be dismissed without further delay.

FIFA has time and time displayed its absolute disregard for common sense and fair play and should be stripped of its ownership of world football with similar speed.

I for one wear my poppy with pride, one only needs to travel the fields of Northern France to see why. To those brave men who gave their lives to make the world a better place we owe a huge debt and a place on our memories forever.


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