NUFC Fans Are Nuts!

You know it's hard to feel sorry for Mike Ashley but Newcastle United supporters have pretty much made it happen.

Here the club stand at the dizzy heights of third in the Premier League, still unbeaten in mid-November (has that ever happened before?) and the fans are still calling for their chairman's head.

Really? Are you sure?

What's the big man's crime this time?

He's decided to rename the stadium from St. James' Park to The Sports Direct Arena. Sports Direct being the business providing the funding to allow him to do things like buy Newcastle United. The fans are livid. And I really can't understand why. No one is forcing them to call it by its new name, if they object to other people calling it the Sports Direct Arena then they'll just have to put their hands over their ears...

Newcastle United fans average around 40,000 a game. If they feel so strongly about it then I suggest they form a collective, raise £4,000 each and buy the club from Ashley. Then they'll see how valuable Mike Ashley has been to the club...


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