Microsoft Disses Siri, Misses The Point Completely

Microsoftie Craig Mundie claimed that Windows Phone 7 has had voice control for a year and Apple's Siri is nothing more than a fad.

Unfortunately he couldn't be more wrong. And as a big WP7 fan I know what I'm talking about.

Windows Phone 7 has voice control which works, for very simple queries only. Otherwise it's desperate. I mean throw the phone out of the window frustrating.

Now I realise that may not be the case in the US but Apple has managed to make Siri work perfectly well with an English accent and can handle all sorts of complex queries that Microsoft's TellMe application can only dream of dealing with and - if it's even able to recognise the input - will end up sending to Bing as a search.

The number of times that TellMe tells me that it can't find that name in my contacts is ridiculous.

Siri is a stand out application and rather than dismissing it Microsoft should be working very hard at playing catch up...


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