How Can Microsoft Sell WP7?

Microsoft's market share in the smartphone arena is hovering around the 1% mark - about the lowest its ever been. As users and businesses migrate away from Windows Mobile they aren't necessarily switching to Windows Phone. The rapid growth of the Android sector, particularly in the £50-100 market segment, isn't helping by skewing the figures for everybody else. The launch of Nokia's WP7 devices will certainly boost sales and initial reception of the Finnish devices has been very good.

Nevertheless, Microsoft have a problem that they have to address. They aren't winning the battle to drag in new smartphone buyers because there are no Windows Phones in the lower price bracket (yet) and they aren't converting iOS or Android users because of the resistance to Microsoft as a brand.

So how can they fix this?

Well the first thing would be to address the number of different niche demands that different user groups have.

Music lovers? How about six months free Zune pass when you buy a Windows Phone? Unlimited access to all your favourite tunes on the go, at home and on your Xbox.

Games players? Ten free premium games for Xbox Live...

App junkies? A £50 voucher for the Marketplace... This one would particularly interest iPhone owners with an investment in apps on that platform.

There's a wealth of opportunity out there and given that Windows Phone manages to best both Android and iOS in many areas Microsoft needs to start investing in its future.

Remember how long it took for the Xbox division to return a profit? Its that kinf of vision that's required now.


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