The Drugs Don't Work - Pete Townsend Demonstrates

Pete Townsend has always been a bit of a plonker, now he's going out if his way to demonstrate what years of drug abuse can do to the mind by attacking iTunes in the John Peel lecture he was (bizarrely) asked to give.

What were the ex-Who guitarists beefs? Apparently Apple is a vampire because its doesn't develop new musical talent. As far as I recall Apple buys music from the artists/publishers and sells it on to customers. Like every single record store in history. I don't recall Townsend making the same comments about Woolworths when it was the biggest retailer of music on the high street.

Sorry Pete but responsibility for developing new artists sits with the publishers, otherwise what value do they add to the whole process. Record retailers have never done this.

Townsend also claimed that pirates should come round to his house and steal his children's bikes. Not sure what this has to do with Apple though, seeing as iTunes customers pay for their music, money which gets distributed to the artists and publishers.

"People should treat music like food and pay for it" - Townsend claimed effectively attacking the service which persuaded people to start paying for music that had lost all perceived value; and the customers that use it.

Sorry Pete, your brain is addled, or stuck back in the sixties.


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