Android Marches On

Figures from Kantar show that Android now owns half the UK smartphone market and HTC owns half the Android market.

It doesn't surprise me to hear that as I see more HTC phones on my travels than just about anything else.

Much of that is down to the strong 'We are HTC' advertising campaign that ran last year when the Desire was launched. The combination of great advertising campaign and a quality phone meant that the Desire sold by the bucketload and as those owners replace their devices they're going back and buying HTC for their next phone.

Samsung are making inroads into the market too - recent sales figures for Q3 show that Samsung shipped more smartphones worldwide than Apple and in the UK they're running HTC a close second. 

It would be interesting to investigate the mix of smartphones sold by Samsung, given that they appear to have an Android device for every pocket. Are users who would traditionally have bought a pay as you go feature phone choosing Samsung's entry-level Android phones instead?

It would certainly explain the rapid growth of both smartphone market and Samsung, nearly 70% of phones sold in the UK last quarter were smartphones...


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