Steve Jobs Wanted To Kill Android

Steve Jobs' authorised biography hasn't hit the shelves yet but some tech sites are already publishing excerpts from the book.

One of the highly contentious fragments of this story of Steve Jobs life is his feud with Google and Eric Schmidt in particular, around Android. Steve is reported to have claimed that he would use the very last breath in his body and all of Apple's $40 million warchest to take Android down.

Jobs is reported to have told Schmidt "I don't want your money, stop copying our ideas!"

Just how many of those ideas were actually Apple's to lay claim to though? After all if you compare Android to iOS there isn't a great deal of common ground. One is entirely based around the concept of icons and very strictly controlled interface design, the other is based around widgets and open application design.

I suspect there will turn out to be small areas where Android has been found infringe on paper. But the example of the Dutch courts recent patent investigation which found only one area of infringement in the Samsung Galaxy S2, a minor one at that, suggests that Apple's position isn't quite as strong as some would have us believe.

Without Steve jobs around one would hope that Tim Cook Apple's new Chief Executive will look to come to some kind of arrangement with Google, Samsung, et al and end the current nonsense of litigation which has blighted the smartphone industry for far too long.


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