Siri Is A Breakthrough

Want a reason to buy an iPhone 4S? Trust me Siri is the only one you need.

There are many ways where the iPhone falls short: screen size, accessibility and choice. But in terms of voice recognition the iPhone takes everything that has gone before and blows it away.

The look on people's faces when you demonstrate what Siri can do and more remarkably how it copes with noisy environments is absolutely priceless.

If your life revolves around tasks, appointments or reminders then being able to easily create them without having to ever touch your phone will be enough to persuade you to buy. Siri in the UK doesn't have all functionality of the US version yet, however if it's this good already then the arrival of full functionality can only make for a more compelling argument.

It is rare that Apple's hype machine and my experiences align so well, in this case however, I can only say everything Apple says about Siri is absolutely true.

And quite remarkable.


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