Marco Simoncelli Killed In Freak MotoGP Accident

October is turning out to be a pretty awful month. The latest in the line of tragedies occurred at Sepang, Malaysia this afternoon. A freak accident on the second lap of the Moto GP race led to the death of Italian rider Marco Simoncelli.

The 24 year old former GP250 champion was killed after falling from his bike into the path of fellow racers Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards, receiving fatal head and neck and chest wounds as a result.

Unlike last week's tragic death of IndyCar racer Dan Wheldon this accident was neither foreseeable nor avoidable.

Motorbike racing inevitably means the risk of one rider falling into the path of another. It is happened many times in the past and will no doubt happen in the future. Short of completely banning the sport there is no way to prevent this happening. Much has been made of the loss of Marco's helmet in the accident. I feel this is unlikely to have had any impact on the injuries he received. Being hit by motorcycle travelling at close 130 mph is unlikely to ever be a survival accident, helmet or not. Those who take part must surely be aware of this fact.

Another terrible day for motorsport. RIP.


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