iPhone Camera Not So Fast, Wins On Quality

One of the big improvements claimed by Apple for its new iPhone 4S was the speed at which it's camera launched and was ready to take photos.

My testing would seem to indicate that it may be faster than previous Apple products, but it still doesn't hold a candle to Android or Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC.

Both the Desire HD and HD7 were able to start camera applications and be ready to take the first shot quicker than the new iPhone.

Overall it's fair to say the iPhone takes much better shots, but these are much older phones. Although I don't have one to hand to try a true head-to-head comparison, I suspect that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would provide a much sterner test of the iPhone's camera.

Sending photos to social networks isn't the easiest thing in the world either. And whilst Apple have integrated Twitter quite well there is no sign of any link to Facebook just yet, nor for that matter any other photo sharing service. With both Android and WP7 having those links in place Apple are lagging in this area. You can't actually share a photo on Facebook from the Photos application on the iPhone. Instead you have to start the Facebook app choose photo, select library and then pick the photo you wish to upload. Not exactly straightforward.


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