Indian GP Promising To Put India On Wheels

Later today India will become the latest country to host a F1 race. Whilst the organisers have done a fantastic job of getting the track ready and promoting the race some of the feedback coming from commentators in the country have a worrying undertone.

India, a country of one billion inhabitants, is about to go car crazy.

The global environmental and political effects of a mass mobilisation in India promise to shake the world to its core.

Oil is running out. The cost and risks involved in getting it out of the ground are increasing by the day. The UK and US have fought or sponsored wars in Iraq and Libya to secure access to those country's oil reserves; with Iran looking like a probable next target.

The polar regions are likely to lose their protected status and shale mining is damaging other areas of the world. Not to mention the effect of a 20% increase in the number of vehicles emitting CO2 that a successful mobilisation of India would cause.

Before this move starts to gain pace there is a chance to minimise the effects on oil use and environment. Support India in moving to a electric only car population. Back that with massive short term improvements in things like the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy Targets) across the westernised world, using access to the Indian market as a bribe to get reluctant manufacturers on-board.

It's a chance to make the world of the future a better place, let's hope we don't let it slip by.


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