HP Might Be Back In The Game

After a summer of frankly, lunatic behaviour, HP might be about to turn things around. New CEO Meg Whitman has reversed the previous decision to shut the doors on manufacturing and become a software and services company.

Whether this decision was forced upon them by the lack of interest in the PSG group (the business unit responsible for manufacturing) or as claimed, it is a result of a review of value to the business of retaining this function, isn't clear.

It also remains to be seen whether HP has managed to retain any credibility as a manufacturer. In any case, the decision doesn't seem to lead to the reprieve of the former Palm operation. Mention of WebOS was noticeably absent from the announcement.

Leo Apotheker had the reins at HP for just ten months, in that time he seems to have wrought untold amounts of damage.

Who would have thought that there'd ever be a time when anyone at HP would look back on Carly Fiorina's time at the company with nostalgia? Somehow Apotheker has achieved this...


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