Goodbye DMR, Inventor of C, Progenitor of Modern Computing

Dennis Ritchie, a man who had more impact on the world of computing than perhaps anybody else, has died at the age if 70.

Ritchie, more commonly known as dmr, created the C programming language and the UNIX operating system. The former is the root ancestor of just about every programming language in existence (and as a result is the reason why you can read this) the latter covers everything else in the world of computing.

Ritchie wrote 'The C Programming Language' with Brian Kernighan and every computer graduate in history has a copy.

It's brilliance is in making C accessible, whilst giving pointers to good programming practice, becoming the definitive influencer of programming style since it's 1978 release - it also delivered the first example of the 'hello world' program, now the de facto for any new platform and famously the slogan on the Mac's front screen in early advertising.

Ritchie's death won't garner the same eloquent obituaries as SteveJobs, but his impact on computing in the modern world was if anything greater and his achievements deserve to be marked.


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