Coldplay Spotify Boycott Hurts Those Who Pay For Music

Coldplay have taken steps to ensure that their latest album is not available on the Spotify music streaming service, despite publisher EMI having a deal with the Swedish distributor.

Coldplay are clearly trying to echo the sales success of Adele who launched her most recent release under the same restriction.

It's a short-term benefit that hurts customers who have chosen to pay to listen to music. Given the battles that the music industry has had in trying to combat the free availability of music on the Internet and the changing perception of the value of music this is a trend that needs to be reversed.

Spotify has two million paying customers, if they start to see the value of that subscription reducing because new releases are no longer being made available then the service will fail and inevitably the majority of users will revert to illegal downloads.

I'm not sure why Coldplay has continued to allow its album to be streamed on Microsoft's Zune service (better payments, lower subscriber numbers?) but it's a strange distinction whatever.

For too long bands have complained about freeloaders stealing their music, so punishing those who are paying seems like a particularly stupid thing to be doing...

Update: Turns out that the Zune availability is for download only, so Zune subscribers are getting screwed over too...


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