Project Gutenberg Founder Dies

Michael S Hart who basically invented the eBook back in the seventies has died at the age of 64. He was also the first to build on the eBook with the concept of the electronic library, the result being Project Gutenberg.

Hart's project to create an online repository of literary works took many years to get going, not least because until early handhelds arrived in the nineties there wasn't a usable tool for reading on the go. Early tools such as Project Newtonberg, which gave Apple Newton owners access to the service helped to spread its popularity and today more than 35,000 books populate the virtual library.

Hart's ambition was to make eBooks as available as the air that we breathe and in that respect I think we have to say that he has succeeded beyond measure. Kindles, Nooks and other ereaders owe there existence to his pioneering work.

That's quite some legacy.


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