New Land Rover Defender Concept Promises Much

The image above represents step one in a four year journey to replace
the venerable Land Rover Defender. Jaguar Land Rover have probably got
the most difficult task since BMW designed the Mini and the DC100 (as
this concept is known) will appear at Frankfurt later this month to
gauge public reaction.

Personally I'm quite pleased with the look of this concept, however
numerous readers of motoring websites haven't given it quite as good a
reaction. Still, that's one of the reasons thr JLR are putting this
out there.

The guys at Kilometre magazine have used this image to create long
wheel base and crew cab versions of the concept car and to my eyes
these look even better then the three door (which had a hint of Skoda
Yeti around the rear profile) so it certainly feels like it could be
as flexible as the current Defender in that respect.

Roll on Frankfurt, when we can get a proper look at the concept in the
metal and form some proper opinions.


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