HP Craziness Steps Up Another Gear

Hewlett-Packard has had a crazy few years, since Carly Fiorina's appointment as Chief Executive the whole business has taken on the mantle of a man on the edge of a breakdown. The recruitment of former SAP executive Leo Apotheker as the latest CEO just underlined that.
Now, having decimated HP's credibility as a hardware manufacturer by killing Tablet, PC and mobile businesses within the organisation, Apotheker has been canned by the board. Presumably the same board that backed his attempts to turn HP into another SAP or IBM.
If HP were human it would be crouched down in a dark corner, rocking on its heels, dribbling from its mouth and occasionally shouting random swearwords at the top of its voice...

I suggest a merger with that other famous technology company impersonating a mentally ill person: Yahoo.


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