Gullible? You bet...

I'm not sure if this is a comment of the stupidity of the population in general, smartphone owners or just a small sub-section of the same, it tells us something though.

15,000 iPhone owners purchased apps from the app store which claimed to cure their acne. Stop, go back and read that again. Shocked? Me too. So were the FTC in the US, they have now forced the makers of these apps to withdraw their claims.

No word on whether Apple will be refunding these poor saps, but given that the app clearly can't do what it claims to do I'd advise any UK based purchasers to pursue a refund under the Sale of Goods act.

How did this get through Apple's 'rigorous' vetting procedure, are their similar apps in other device stores and just how bad does your acne have to be to be this desperate? I think we should be told...


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