Amazon Fires Kindle Into Tablet Wars

I'm not convinced by Amazon's new Kindle tablet. It's being painted as the tablet to kill the iPad, Tab and other similar devices on the market. It will definitely sell - but only on price. Otherwise how is it a better product than my current Galaxy Tab 7?

That has access to all of Amazon's content via their Android apps, has cameras front and back and can make full use of the 3G network. Plus it gets full access to the Google market and selection of high quality apps.

Amazon have certainly built a good value tablet, but is it actually a good tablet? Take price out of the equation and you'd pick the iPad, Tab, Xoom or indeed just about any other tablet in preference.

If you're after an eBook reader rather than a tablet then the new £89 entry level e-ink Kindle is much more suitable for the role and cheaper to boot.

What Amazon has created is the tablet to wipe out all those cheap unbranded tablets that importers have been bringing in from China on a regular basis. A not inconsiderable achievement in itself, but something that will expand the market rather than disrupt it...


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