Pay For A Parking Space, Really?

Society continues to sink to ever lower levels of mindless, rampaging capitalism and the latest manifestation of this is a new app called Parking Auction, currently in limited beta.

The premise of this app is that as you vacate a parking space you advertise it and other drivers in the area bid for the space.

Given the choice between an app that notifies other drivers that you're leaving a space and performing a public service; or selling something that you don't own and have no legal right to sell, the current generation of filthy money grabbers would take the anti-social option every time.

I can see this getting messy when someone returns to their car, advertises the space and makes a deal, then find somebody else waiting for them to leave the space. The end result as spaces are blocked for the purposes of completing the auction don't bear thinking about, especially in some of the gun-happy areas of Britain's inner cities and most of the US...

Coming soon: an app to sell off information on OAPs living at home alone in return for a percentage of the returns from their mugging...


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