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Broken Britain Is Sick, But Who Can Fix It?

Riots, looting and mindless vandalism. A revolution of the IQ-challenged, bringing decent folks onto the streets to clean up the mess. David Cameron, finally back from his lavish Tuscany villa holiday talks of sick Britain. He's right, but he's aiming his commentary at the wrong target.
Those kids on the streets weren't out there looking for political and cultural revolution. No, for the most part they were taking the opportunity to get their noses in the trough, spurred on by the unfortunate events in Tottenham.
Lest we forget, Britain has become a country where banking 'institutions' can plunge the country into financial crisis, whilst those responsible continue to rack up their bonuses. Where politicians commit fraud to milk even more cash out of an already generous expenses system. Where social services leave defenceless children in the care of people who will beat them to death. Where hospitals stop cleaning their wards and hundreds die as a result. Where doctors and nurses are murdering their patient's en masse. Where the police collude with the newspapers to invade individual's privacy.

Against that lot, an iPhone, Xbox and flatscreen TV looted from the local branch of Currys looks like pretty small potatoes frankly... especially when you consider the example being set.
We truly live in broken Britain but is there any hope of it being fixed? I seriously doubt it.