Lancias To Be Badged Chrysler In The UK?

As you may or may not be aware, FIAT acquired the Chrysler car company in the recent US motor industry fire sale. Its an interesting purchase that gives the Italian giant a route back into the US market thanks to the large Chrysler dealer network.
Interestingly it will also give Lancia a route back into the long abandoned UK market, however because of the lingering stink caused by the seventies and eighties rust scandal the Lancia name is still seen as untouchable in the UK. As a result when Lancias arrive in the UK they will be sporting a Chrysler badge on their noses.
Given that its taken VW less than two decades to wipe away the memory of Skoda's past, I'm somewhat surprised that Lancia can't be risked over here three decades after the last of the rusty Betas were sold. After all there are many enthusiasts who will remember Lancia for the beautiful Fulvia, Monte Carlo and the astonishing Delta Integrale. Surely that's a better base to be working from than the woeful PT Cruiser?
First of the new 'Chryslers' will be a rebadged Ypsilon - a five door version of the FIAT 500, followed by the mid-size Delta. Both cars will be targeting the luxury segment of their respective market sectors, something which would seem to be a much more achievable target with a Lancia badge on the bonnet...


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