In Praise Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are some people who give the Samsung Galaxy Tab a bad rap. Several tech websites, Apple and the users who slavishly follow its path, mostly people who have never actually used one for longer than the two minutes that a shop demo entails.
The shame is that the Tab is a mighty fine piece of kit, which marries portability with strong battery life and excellent performance. Don't get me wrong, its far from perfect, but its imperfections are only as many as Apple's iPad, just in different areas.
So why is the Samsung so good? Firstly its the size. 7" amounts to a real sweet spot between portability and usability. The Tab can be in your pocket when other larger tablets are at home on your desk, or stowed in your briefcase. The screen has a much higher pixel density than the iPad and is brighter with better whites and black definition. At least when comparing my Tab and iPad 2. Touch is excellent and just the feintest of brushes activates the screen control as intended.
The sundries are better too. The Tab packs both front and rear facing cameras, something Apple only got around to adding for iPad 2. And the Tab is small enough that you won't feel a complete plabk taking a picture with one. The cameras are actually good enough to take decent photographs, unlike the criminally bad units fitted to the iPad. There's a micro SD slot which can be swapped without restarting the Tab, making it an endlessly expandable device.
Add in the ability to make voice calls, video calls over 3G to any other video phone (only really applies in Europe, where all manner of 3G video handsets have been sold in the last five years) and you have an impressive all-rounder.
That its lighter and easier to hold than the competition, has a very nice portrait and landscape soft keyboard which can be used with two thumbs like a smaller phone and comes with insane amounts of freebies (Swype, several Gameloft games and others) are just the icing on the cake.
If you're in the market for a new tablet don't buy something with a 10" screen, you'll never use it; don't buy something that doesn't do voice and don't buy something that can't be carried easily about your person.

Buy a Tab, they're something of a bargain at the moment; or wait until Samsung launches its 7" screened Tab 2.
There's nothing that comes close on the market today...


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