BBC Gives Up F1 Exclusivity, Sky Gains Control Of F1

The BBC has given up the final two years of its exclusive deal to show F1 and entered a new agreement with Sky which gives the satelite broadcaster the rights to broadcast every race in the schedule, whilst the Beeb will only have rights to broadcast half of the races live.

I can see why the BBC has been forced to do this but cannot understand why the teams and sponsors have allowed this deal to go through. Can a deal that reduces F1's exposure actually be good for any of the teams or sponsors?

A better option would have been to allow the three terrestial UK broadcasters that have expressed an interest in the sport (BBC, ITV and C4) to carve up the races between them.

Let's hope that the extra income from Sky makes up for the reduction in sponsorship cash coming in. Especially if this deal is replicated across Europe.


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