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BBC Gives Up F1 Exclusivity, Sky Gains Control Of F1

The BBC has given up the final two years of its exclusive deal to show F1 and entered a new agreement with Sky which gives the satelite broadcaster the rights to broadcast every race in the schedule, whilst the Beeb will only have rights to broadcast half of the races live.
I can see why the BBC has been forced to do this but cannot understand why the teams and sponsors have allowed this deal to go through. Can a deal that reduces F1's exposure actually be good for any of the teams or sponsors?

A better option would have been to allow the three terrestial UK broadcasters that have expressed an interest in the sport (BBC, ITV and C4) to carve up the races between them.

Let's hope that the extra income from Sky makes up for the reduction in sponsorship cash coming in. Especially if this deal is replicated across Europe.

First WP7 Mango Phone Launches

Fujitsu-Toshiba managed to get the jump on HTC, Samsung and Nokia (especially Nokia) to be the first company to announce a phone running the Mango release of WP7. Its specs are apparently typical for the Japanese market where the phone sold and include a 13.2MP camera, IPX5 certification for waterproofing and 32GB of storage.

Two of the colours are a bit on the, errm... bright side, but the black handset looks tolerable.

As we're definitely not going to see this device in the UK its of little more than academic interest. However as a landmark its notable and it will be interesting to see what the other OEMs have waiting in the wings as we approach the autumn 'on-sale' date...

Microsoft Releases Multipurpose Headset

If you're an Xbox 360 owner and use a Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone (especially if you have a Windows Phone) then this headset from Microsoft looks to be a pretty good way of tying the two together.

Xbox Live functionality and phone controls are baked in and at a price of around $60 - maybe £40 when it gets here - its cheaper than buying seperate headsets for both.

Mango for WP7 Gets RTM

That's right, Windows Phone 7 OEMs have received the release version of the latest WP7 update.

Looks to be pretty much on target for a Autumn release on both new handsets and as an update for  existing devices.

Can Microsoft and its partners (and in particular Nokia) steal the market from Google and Apple? Based on what I've seen so far I really think they can...

Can We Have A WP7 Xperia Play Please Sony-Ericsson?

Having spent some time with the Xperia Play over the last few days I have to say I like the concept. Sony-Ericsson has done a good job with the build too. However Android as a gaming platform doesn't really do it for me. Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live integration is far and away the best place for a gaming phone like this to be operating from.

So I know you've said there's no plans for a WP7 Xperia... but it if you could make an exception for the Play I'd be very grateful...

Lancias To Be Badged Chrysler In The UK?

As you may or may not be aware, FIAT acquired the Chrysler car company in the recent US motor industry fire sale. Its an interesting purchase that gives the Italian giant a route back into the US market thanks to the large Chrysler dealer network. Interestingly it will also give Lancia a route back into the long abandoned UK market, however because of the lingering stink caused by the seventies and eighties rust scandal the Lancia name is still seen as untouchable in the UK. As a result when Lancias arrive in the UK they will be sporting a Chrysler badge on their noses. Given that its taken VW less than two decades to wipe away the memory of Skoda's past, I'm somewhat surprised that Lancia can't be risked over here three decades after the last of the rusty Betas were sold. After all there are many enthusiasts who will remember Lancia for the beautiful Fulvia, Monte Carlo and the astonishing Delta Integrale. Surely that's a better base to be working from than the woeful P…

In Praise Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are some people who give the Samsung Galaxy Tab a bad rap. Several tech websites, Apple and the users who slavishly follow its path, mostly people who have never actually used one for longer than the two minutes that a shop demo entails. The shame is that the Tab is a mighty fine piece of kit, which marries portability with strong battery life and excellent performance. Don't get me wrong, its far from perfect, but its imperfections are only as many as Apple's iPad, just in different areas. So why is the Samsung so good? Firstly its the size. 7" amounts to a real sweet spot between portability and usability. The Tab can be in your pocket when other larger tablets are at home on your desk, or stowed in your briefcase. The screen has a much higher pixel density than the iPad and is brighter with better whites and black definition. At least when comparing my Tab and iPad 2. Touch is excellent and just the feintest of brushes activates the screen control as intended. The s…