What Is It With Windows Naysayers?

One of the most common reasons I hear for people switching platforms is that they avoid the virus/malware/slowdowns/reboots that plague Windows.


I've had my laptop for nearly eighteen months now and spend most of my days on the internet with it, install lots of software and uninstall a lot of it too; yet I've never had a virus nor suffered from any malware and I've never had to put up with slowdowns. My laptop only ever gets restarted when Windows downloads updates so probably rebooted no more than monthly. All in all I'd call the experience excellent.

And with it being Windows I've always been able to find just the right program out there to perform any of the weird and wonderful tasks that I ask of it.

So what are these people doing who are continually running into problems with their PCs? I have a hunch. When I used to do support as my day to day role I was regularly asked to look at users home computers which were misbehaving or running slow or otherwise causing them problems.

In every case the problem was either down to surfing almost unfeasible numbers of porn websites or choosing to install software prompted by a web popup. The latter used to be a non-issue on Macs but the recent Macguard malware has done for that bit of complacency.

So for the time being the biggest reason for buying a Mac is that you need to surf a large number of websites generally best enjoyed in a solitary environment and are worried about your machine being infected in the process.

Which definitely changes my views on some of my Mac owning friends and colleagues...


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