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What Does Apple Have Lined Up For Monday?

In an uncharacteristic piece of open-ness, Apple forewarned
journalists and web sites that it would be announcing it's new iCloud
service and new versions of both iOS and Mac OS X at Monday's WWDC
keynote given by Steve Jobs.

That's a little bit on the unusual side for a company which goes a
little bit further than anyone else in maintaining secrecy of it's new
products. Which has inevitably led to speculation that Apple has
something else up it's sleeve for Steve Jobs to reveal in his usual
'one more thing' keynote ending spectacular.

So what could this be? There are a few options, some possible, some
highly improbable.

On the possible side we have the appearance of an updated iPhone 4 or
possibly even the iPhone 5. It's about the right time in the products
lifecycle for Apple to be thinking about replacing it. Alternatively
there could be some updates to Apple's Airport range of wireless units
and corresponding AirPlay support. My best guess is a new Apple TV,
possibly integrated with an actual TV... which would nicely match
Apple's recent adverts for TV engineers in it's development

Outsiders for a Monday announcement are a revised iPod range - the
iPod is surely on it's way out and Apple aren't likely to be spending
much time updating it's standalone players; a new iPad would also seem
to be unlikely as the current model is only just onto the market. A
smaller 7" display iPad would certainly fill a hole in the iPad's
market, but as Steve Jobs made such a song and dance about the screen
size being wrong I'm guessing that won't happen either.

There is, of course, the possibility that Apple won't launch anything
unanounced at the beginning of next week. But it just doesn't feel
like the sort of opportunity that Apple would let slip away...