Web Or App? Who Uses What?

You're probably aware of reports this week that mobile users are more likely to be using apps then mobile browsers to access information stored on the internet. Bad news for those betting on an html 5 future.
Turns out that, much like any statistic you see trotted out these days, a bit of digging into the data reveals a completely different picture.
The report is based on figures from Flurry, using Comscore figures for web utilisation against the US mobile phone users based, compared to app users from its own database of users with apps...
So in effect they've managed to compare a group consisting of users of apps only - which by definition is a group likely to score high per user activity, against a wider group where users with non-smartphones (a majority in the US) are going to massively reduce the per user browsing time.
The comparison isn't valid in any way shape or form. It only tells us that Flurry records a lot of people using a lot of apps...
I'm willing to bet that most phone users actually spend more time in the browser than dedicated apps to access web based information. Based on the figures Flurry have presented my interpretation of the data is at least as good as theirs...


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