Is The FT Carrying The Flag Against Apple

Apple's draconian terms and conditions for applications aiming to appear in the iTunes App Store have never sat particularly well with mainstream media publishers, who need to own the customer relationship if they are to make a successful business of publishing.

So the recent changes to the operating terms which gave Apple 30% of ongoing subscriptions as well as app purchases was bound to provoke a response and it has duly arrived, courtesy of the FT's launch of a web app version of its daily newspaper.

This is important for the publishing industry because if it succeeds then it breaks them free of Apple's yoke (and to a lesser extent Google's) and gives them control of the interface with readers once more. Buyers 'download' the app from the website and deal with the FT direct for the subscription.

Its ironic that it comes immediately after Apple's launch of newstand which is designed to be a one stop shop for newspapers and magazines.

Other than the loss of the single point of contact I doubt that the average FT consumer will have concerns with changing from an Apple curated app store to buying from the FT website. Whether that holds true for other newspapers remains to be seen...


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