F1: Button Claims Brilliant Victory In Canadian Chaos, Should Lose It Anyway

At just over for hours start to finish it will probably go down as the longest Canadian race in history but today's Grand Prix had just about everything.

And whilst there's no disputing that Jensen Button's victory was well deserved, there have to be questions about his collisions with team-mate Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso that remove some of the legitimacy from his victory.

Last time out Lewis Hamilton was roundly criticised for his overly aggressive overtaking manouvres and Button's collision with Alonso was the equal of any of those. Made especially painful for the Spaniard as he gave Button plenty of room on the apex of the corner yet still ended up being punted off the track.

The collision with Hamilton was remarkably similar to the Schumacher-Barrichello incident last season, for which Schumacher was penalised and roundly lambasted. Button claimed not to have seen his team-mate, but having made a mistake in the previous chicane he should have been well aware that whoever was behind would be making a move. As it was we were lucky that contact was made side to side, otherwise it could have resulted in Hamilton's car being launched into the sport of cartwheel roll that can have potentially disastrous consequences.

Button has a visit to the stewards before his victory is confirmed. A 30 second penalty added to his race time would send the right message. However as the beneficiary would be runaway championship leader Sebastian Vettel it's never going to happen.


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