Lance Armstrong: All American Hero Or Drug Boosted Cheat

Cycling's ongoing struggles with doping continue to tarnish the image
of the sport. Credibility is one thing that cycling is seriously
lacking - can you really believe in a sport when even it's greatest
champions have been exposed as steroid munching cheats?

The one exception to this rule has been America's Lance Armstrong, the
Michael Schumacher of cycling, multiple Tour de France winner and
cancer survivor.

Now, though, Armstrong's former colleagues are cropping up from
everywhere claiming that those victories were the result of doping.
It's looking like a compelling argument with so many voices added to
the clamour.

And yet Armstrong has never tested positive for banned substances
despite undergoing over 500 tests.

Which leaves us with two very conflicting and equally powerful
positions. Either Armstrong found a way to beat the doping panel time
after time, never slipped up once in all those years and cheated his
way to all those titles; or he was good enough to win those titles
despite competing against cyclists who have either admitted to doping
or were caught red-handed.

Neither scenario seems particularly likely and whatever the eventual
outcome of the investigations into Armstrong cycling as a whole

It's a sad, sorry state of affairs and there doesn't seem to be an
easy answer to doping for the cycling federation.


Anonymous said…
No drugs unveiled Marion Jones either.
No drug tests unveiled Marion Jones either.

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