Could You Live Your Life In The Cloud?

Google's other big announcement at IO was the availability of Chrome OS based laptops from Acer and Samsung.

The important thing about these machines is their complete reliance on the presence of a network connection which means that they both ship with 3G capabilities as standard. However the proposed contract for these devices doesn't really fit for a device with always connected pretensions. Verizon, the US launch partner will be including a data allowance of just 100mb for the monthly fee of $28 per month, nothing like enough to support the use model.

I would guess that our more generous data allowances - usually in the 500mb per month range - will make this a more attractive deal here, but even that's of questionable use for a device of this type.

That's without even considering the implications of having everything in the cloud and at the mercy of flaky network coverage and often sub-par data transmission rates that could make this kind of deal almost useless.

For now I'm sticking with Windows on my laptop, although I'll look forward to the opportunity to try out a Chromebook with great interest...


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