Can You Trust The Cloud?

Almost as if providence had decided to intervene after me last post, Blogger and several other Google cloud services suffered a network outage - self inflicted apparently - changing the question from 'can you live in the cloud?' to 'will the cloud still be there when you need it?'

Following on from the downtime suffered by Amazon's S3 service, the Playstation Network and now Google's own problems some people have questioned whether the use of the cloud for services is wise.

Well I've used Google's services for the best part of seven years now and this is the first time I've experienced any downtime. That's outstanding uptime in anyone's book and certainly comparable to the risks involved with locally held data on hard drives.

So yes, you'll need to consider availability when thinking about moving your personal (or business) computing into the cloud, but realistically the risks are no greater than for local storage.


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