Asus EeePad Transformer Screams Along

The Android Honeycomb market is starting to grow with a number of new devices hitting the shelves.
Primary amongst them have been the Motorola Xoom and Acer Iconia A500, both impressive devices. However the arrival of the Asus EeePad Transformer so completely changes the game that they are both rendered redundant within weeks of launch.

The Transformer is a whole magnitude of faster, slicker and more responsive. It also has a far superior screen and what promises to be class leading battery life. And that's without the addition of the ever so clever keyboard slice.

The Transformer is even a nicer device to hold than the Iconia, which was the previous king of the hill for those of a touchy feel disposition.

Looking at the Transformer's screen is a real pleasure too as it packs an IPS screen which is almost the equal of that on the iPad 2, the benchmark in these matters. Side by side the two are well matched for viewing angle with the Transformers's higher resolution trading off against the iPad's better colour reproduction..
All of which makes the £379 price seem something of a steal. An additional £50 gets you the keyboard and with it improved connectivity plus the bonus of an additional six hours of battery life.

If there was ever going to be a tablet which killed off the netbook this is it.

Ironic that the company that invented the netbook has just delivered the device that really does hasten its death don't you think?


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