Sony Introduces Interesting Tablets

Sony has a history of uniquely interesting mobile devices, from the 12mm thick, magnesium shelled fx-505 of the late nineties through to its OQO challenging UMPC handhelds.

Now Sony is bringing that ingenuity to the tablet space and announced a couple of new devices today which should give Apple pause for thought.

Sony seems to have grasped the concept of how portable a tablet should be right from the off and as a result is offering two very different devices, aimed at home and portable users.

The first is a large screened device, with the profile of a folded over magazine to make it more comfortable to grasp. The second is a dual screened clamshell device which fits into a jacket pocket and is aimed at more mobile users.

At first glance Sony seems to have jumped in to the top of the game, however much of the success of these two tablets will depend on how they are marketed and where they are prices.

Promising stuff though...


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