Microsoft, We Have A Problem - Office & WP7 Don't Play Nicely

Windows Phone 7 is pretty good in many respects, it has a great user interface and Xbox Live and Zune integration that really work to create a useful and usable ecosystem around the phone. Unfortunately there's a leg missing on this particular stool and its one where Microsoft could really have knocked the ball out of the

Office integration on WP7 is woeful.

There I've said it and it feels good to get it off my chest.

Let's be honest, Microsoft have the technical equivalent of an open goal when it comes to Office integration on their phones. They own the whole package from end to end. So how have they managed to deliver such a half-arsed solution? Office for WP7 is functionally at about the same level as Office 2010 for WM6.5 - in other words little progress has been made in the package itself. Third party Office suites for Android and iOS match that functionality and in some cases go far beyond it.

Perhaps Microsoft spent their time developing integration into the cloud, after all on a phone that seems like a pretty useful feature to have.

Well apart from an enormously unfriendly OneNote sync path, Office for WP7 is completely unaware of the cloud. So whilst I can use my Android phone to easily access an Office document from Skydrive, edit it and
then push it back into the cloud on WP7 I have to use Internet Explorer to download a document and once edited, email it to myself somewhere for uploading later.

That surely can't be right?

Come on Microsoft give an intern a couple of weeks to write a simple Skydrive client for WP7, it surely can't need any more than that. It'll be time well spent, believe me...


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