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F1: Overtaking Easier, But Is It Real?

So we've had three races of the new season and this far its been a success, more overtaking, more excitement and less procession.

Except that I can't help feeling its all gone a bit, fake.

The DRS system, which allows a driver to stall their rear wing, effectively given them a 5-10mph straight line speed advantage over the car in front, makes it virtually impossible for the driver in front to defend against the attack and, for the most part, none are even bothering.

We gave swung from one extreme to the other and with the addition of tyres which disintegrate at an alarming rate its all starting to look a bit like Saturday afternoon wrestling on World of Sport.

Contrived entertainment rather than a sport.

I guess we'll have to wait a few more races to be sure, but thus far I'm less than impressed by what I've seen.

For anyone who thinks processional races are boring I refer you to perhaps the greatest of its genre. Seek out footage of the 1981 Spanish Grand Prix at Jarama. That will definitely change your mind...