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Blackberry Playbook First Thoughts

As rumoured, Blackberry moved away from its core messaging platform and announced its new tablet, the Playbook, yesterday, putting it into direct competition with Apple and Samsung.

There are so many unknowns about the Playbook I find it surprising that they didn't have handfuls of the device for journalists to try yesterday. Instead there was just one unit encased in glass and untouchable. The OS is going to be QNX and as a result this will not be a Blackberry, probably won't be a messaging device and won't have a huge selection of software available at launch.

At the same time Blackberry owners are remarkably loyal - bizarre as their devices seem to be mostly supplied by their employer and is designed to nag at them to do work whether they are being paid to do so or not. Somehow I think these will be the early adopters for the Playbook.

Where RIM has a potential open goal is the corporate market. No-one has delivered a lightweight tablet with enterprise grade features an…

F1: Questionable Driving Raises Its Ugly Head

So five drivers, five races, one championship to be won. Only it appears that one driver seems to have decided that taking his opponents out is an acceptable method of clinching the title.

Mark Webber's collision with Lewis Hamilton was entirely avoidable, almost certainly deliberate and somehow deemed unworthy of punishment by the race stewards.

Hamilton was quite restrained after the race, but it was clear from his body language as he exited from the car that he wasn't happy at all. Webber's explanation didn't really come close to justifying the accident and I'm surprised that Mclaren didn't decide to lodge an appeal post-race.

Hamilton's challenge is left hanging by a thread, especially if the Korean GP gets cancelled, as seems likely, and he'll need to pull off something amazing to regain his title.

Webber is left in a pretty good position as a result of his actions and given the Red Bull's performance advantage at two of the last four races the c…

Samsung Releases Galaxy Tab Video

That Samsung Galaxy Tab may be expensive, but this video does an excellent job of justifying that price.