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Showing posts from July 25, 2010

F1: A Rant About Team Orders And Morons

If you've started reading this post in the hope that you will find me fuming at the 'duplicity' of Ferrari and the leniency with which the FIA treats them I suggest you stop reading now. Thank you for visiting, perhaps one of my (marginally) more lucid posts would be a better introduction to this blog.

I am sick to death of the continual whining and whingeing which 'Johnny come lately' F1 fans indulge in everytime something they don't like happens. Team orders? They've been a part of F1 for every one of its sixty years and if you think they are wrong and a travesty then can I kindly suggest you go and watch something more suited to your clearly substandard capacity to understand, perhaps mini-golf or Connect Four would be a more appropriate choice of spectator sport.

Sure it was unfortunate that Felipe Massa was required to change positions with team mate Fernando Alonso but Ferrari spend tens of millions of pounds each year to win championships and re-arrang…

One Device To Rule Them All

If you're a heavy technology adopter like myself you probably have a couple of smartphones, a netbook, a laptop, an MP3 player and maybe even a tablet of some sort. Given a particular task or job to complete and equitable access to each there's probably a moment when you have to decide which is the most appropriate device to use.

I think Dell has found the sweet spot with the Streak, its the one device that can be your single choice for pretty much any situation. Which is why I think Apple will be launching a 5" screened iPad/iPod Touch as soon as it can.

Irrespective of whether the Streak is a good or bad device the niche it occupies is right where you want your ultimate choice to be. Small enough to have with you all the time, big enough to use. The difference in capability when compared with even a 4" smartphone has to be experienced its not something that can be related easily. Of course its pretty big to use as a phone, but not significantly more so than current s…

Phone Security Concerns

Two pieces of news which should have alarm bells ringing for smartphone owners today. Firstly Gizmodo is reporting that Apple's iPhones have been found to send huge amounts of data back to Apple on a nightly basis. Some reports put the figure as high as 75Mb every night. Why would Apple want this information and how would they cope with that volume of data? This really need confirmation one way or the other. Presumably if true, this data will be part of the capped limit for users data plans.

Secondly Android owners have been warned about rogue wallpaper applications which could potentially access more data than they have any right to. The developer has issued a denial of any wrong-doing however its behaviour in the Android marketplace doesn't present its operation in a good light

There's a clear message here: smartphones are now at risk of compromise in the same way as desktop computers and the same precautions used on the desktop are now necessary when installing software o…

Motorola's Having A Laugh... At Apple's Expense!

Now even the biggest iPhone fanboi has to admit this is pretty funny...
I am thinking that its time for Apple to stop trying to justify its problems by attacking other manufacturers and for their competitors to stop pinging out these sort of adverts. However, as Apple hasn't shown any sign of the former I guess we can't blame Motorola, Samsung, et al for responding in kind...

Android Tablets Will Power Libraries Of The Near Future

Libraries are a strong symbol of community, making knowledge available to everyone and anyone at a cost shared by all. The library of today faces a number of interesting challenges, not least the impact of techology on the publishing industry.

Last week Amazon announced that eBooks outsell print books by a significant margin in its web store. It was also announced that the rights holders of a number of classic works have disenfranchised their publishers and signed contracts directly with Amazon to distribute those works electronically. And of course we have any number of authors completely bypassing the printed word to self-distribute their work via the internet.

How are libraries going to keep up when a greater and greater proportion of published work never reaches the printed page? By embracing technology, that's how.

Library managers need to start being clever about embracing technology though. The e-ink revolution has stalled and with fewer and fewer ebook readers being announced…

Football: New Season, New Protection Please

After a difficult World Cup its time to start gearing up for the new domestic season and hope for some changes being wrought in the wake of the injustices which played out through this summer's tournament.

The English game has been plagued with a shocking lack of support for flair players. Teams that play with skill and style find themselves the target of the roughhouse pressing game employed by some of the more workmanlike clubs enjoying a stay in the top division. The net result is that those players who we all pay to see end up getting kicked out of games and often onto the treatment table.

Its no surprise that Arsenal, traditionally the English team who play the most attractive football have suffered the most, with players suffering horrendous injuries far to often to be coincidence. Victims of the English 'they don't like it up them' attitude which seems to have transcended Dad's Army and entered the national psyche.

Its not just Arsenal who suffer though, is it…