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F1: Yamamoto For Senna, HRT Money Troubles Must Be Bad

Bruno Senna hasn't exactly set F1 alight this season but given the circumstances he's been doing a good job for HRT. So finding himself a spectator at Silverstone this weekend probably wasn't part of his plans. Such is the case though as his drive has been handed to Japanese no-hoper Sakon Yamamoto - a move that suggests that HRT are struggling for cash.

Its not unheard of and its disappointing when a driver with real talent has to make way for one with real funds but this season there's a bigger picture to consider. The speed differential between the front and the back of the grid is so great that putting a slow driver into a slow car could have disastrous consequences.

Mark Webber's Valencia accident should be all the warning that's required. Kovaleinen braked 80m earler than the Australian, causing an impact that flipped the Red Bull into a 190mph somersault. The results of that accident could have been tragically different if it had occurred in the vicinity o…

Will Apple Build An iPod Touch Maxi?

Apple has started to target searches for the Dell Streak on Google with iPad links appearing in paid results. That's an interesting strategy, are Apple trying to pre-empt an explosion in the Android tablet market by negatively impacting sales of the first such device?

After a few days with the Streak there are good reasons for Apple to sit up and take notice. Despite having a some niggles the Streak manages to hit a sweet spot in terms of size and usability - small enough to pocket and thumb type on, large enough to be a step up from smartphone in usability and viewability.

I suspect Apple will be gauging Dell's success with the Streak while it ponders a 5" device of its own.

iPod Touch Maxi or iPad Mini I'm not sure which approach to marketing works best but a smaller more portable iPad just has to be a business winner, doesn't it?

WorldCup: Total Football v The Netherlands

The Dutch are back in their first World Cup final for 32 years, the difference this time is that whereas we were in awe of the breathtaking brilliance of their total football, now most right right-thinking commentators are appalled at the thuggery employed by the Dutch central midfield of de Jong and (especially) Marc Van Bommel. Its beyond belief that Van Bommel hasn't picked up a red card in the tournament, his performances against the Brazilians and Uruguay warranted two in each game. The Dutch may have won every game on the way to the final but they've lost many friends along the way.

Spain on the other hand have been pretty dreadful - right up to the point where they met Germany in the semi-final. They even managed to lose their opening game to the Swiss. With the team that the Spanish can field they should have enough to dismantle the Dutch defence. As both the Portuguese and Paraguayans found out, it isn't possible to defend against the Spanish for a full 90 minutes …

That's John Lewis Off Steve Jobs Christmas Card List

Rob Hennesey, senior buyer for John Lewis has let slip details of the new iPod Touch in a presentation describing the retailer's forthcoming sales pitch. Several websites have picked up on the information, which previews a device which sounds like an iPhone 4 shorn of its GSM radios, leaving only the screen resolution in question.

Apple will no doubt be absolutely livid that one of its longest standing retail partners has slipped up in this way. No early sight of forthcoming products for Mr Hennesey in future I suspect...

World Cup: FIFA To Rethink Referees After South African Fiasco

The football rules body IAFB has announced that it will be examining the way that football is refereed following a number of high profile errors during the course of the 2010 World Cup. Whilst Sepp Blatter has suggested that technical solutions will be revisited the IAFB seem to be leaning towards additional assistant referees as a solution that can be provided across a greater spectrum of the game.

I'm glad that these investigations are taking place but at the same time I'm not so sure that I want to see the flow of the game interrupted whilst videos are consulted or the conflicting views of assistant referees are discussed.

And after all, isn't the occasional incorrect decision part of what gives the game its charm and supporters their after game arguments? England may have been soundly thrashed by Germany, hardly something that will live long in the memory once the teams are home from South Africa. Lampard's goal that never was however, will live on in infamy for gene…

Dell Streak First Impressions

As promised the Streak arrived today, from what I can gather part of a batch of unlocked Streaks which made it out into users hands today.

First impressions are exceptional, it feels like a really well made device and the big screen certainly makes a big impression - on gadget fiends anyway. In fact the two comments I've heard most this afternoon are: "its not as big as I thought it was" closely followed by "that screen is amazing"

The Streak came off a full charge just after 2pm, its now just after 10pm and I still have 70% battery remaining - I'm really not anticipating any problems making this device last a day on one charge... especially as the last three hours of that has been connected to wifi installing applications and configuring things like video calling with Fring...

Is it too big to use as an everyday phone? I don't know but I guess there's only one way to find out...

Dell Streak Arriving Tomorrow

After initial reservations about the positioning of the Dell Streak I was won over by extended handling of the demo unit in store. Its a nicely made piece of kit and that screen and more particularly the way that Dell has customised the UI that runs on it, do make it function as a tablet should. When Froyo and Flash arrive this will be something special.

Will I use it as a phone? Probably not all the time, but its likely to be the only device I carry during the week so there is the possibility of me having to use it as a mobile on rare occasions.

Anyway the nice man from Walsh Western should be dropping my SIM-free, direct from Dell Streak tomorrow. Be interesting to see how it compares size wise with some of the devices I have here...

Android Buyers Like Freebies

Android buyers don't go for paying for software apparently, or at least that's the conclusion of a story on a sales report on

Across the board 25% of software downloaded is free, whereas that figure rises to 57% for Android. Which sounds awfully low on both counts, I'd actually suggest that those figures should be more like 90% and 98% respectively.

Why do Android's buyers go for freebies more than other platforms. I'd guess its for a couple of reasons - the unavailability of paying apps in a number of geographic areas and the enthusiast led nature of the store: there are just so many quality apps which are either completely free or ad supported... there hasn't been the big software company charge into the market that there has been on the iTunes store for example.

I wonder if the arrival of iAds will change that, as software developers see the ongoing revenue potential of advertising funded software against the return from one time purchase fees.…

Where Have All The Blogs Gone?

I mean seriously these guys are dropping like flies. Not the corporate, big dollar blogs that are peppered with big buck advertising, its the little one man and an opinion blogs that are disappearing with alarming rapidity.

Of the thirty or so independent blogs I follow about half have either disappeared completely or are withering away without any recent updates; whilst half of the rest are posting so infrequently that the distinction is becoming difficult to make.

Is this the impact of micro-blogging sites like Twitter? Or perhaps a sign that people are running out of things to say? Perhaps its financial - the reward not covering the effort required?

Whatever the reason its worrying to see even a small loss of the independent voice just at the time when the web is collapsing towards commercial bitch-dom.