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Showing posts from May 9, 2010

Times They Are A Changing

Not so long ago when you were sat in a business meeting you could guarantee what communications devices were being packed by the attendees: Blackberry in the main, with a few Nokia Symbian devices and a smaller proportion of Windows Mobile.

So the meeting I attended yesterday, made up of representatives of private and public organizations was interesting for two reasons. Firstly as an indication that RIM is losing market share hand over fist - less than 50% of the attendees had one, compared to around 85% historically. Secondly as an indication that Microsoft and Nokia have failed, not one attendee had a Windows Mobile or Symbian phone. In what was an exclusively corporate environment that makes bad reading for all three companies, especially if (as I suspect) this is happening in meeting rooms up and down the country.

No surprise as to who has taken up that slack: iPhones and Android made up the other 50% of devices in equal proportions, although notably all the Android phones were eit…

Space Flight Going cheap

Virgin Galactic haven't even got a flight off the ground yet and they're bring undercut by a newcomer to the space race.

That's right the entry level for sub orbital space travel has dropped to just £60k (give or take) with US firm Space Adventures - or about half what Virgin are planning on charging.

Now I admit that isn't especially cheap, but weighed up against the price of a first class flight to the Antipodes that is starting to sound like good value.

Of course Virgin have a pretty big headstart in this consumer space race so you may have to wait a bit longer for your bargain Space Adventure, all the same I can see plenty of well heeled (and let's be honest, single) geeks looking at those prices and thinking I can do that... with a bit of careful money management and hard work. Getting on an early flight might prove rather more difficult than you would imagine....

Android Passes iPhone In US, Apple Not Impressed

NPD, a US sales reporting company has announced numbers that indicate Android powered phones outsold the iPhone in Q1 across the US.

Its probably not a huge surprise but is it earth-shattering news? Apple appears to think so, putting out a press release which questioned the data and also tried to play up the volume of iPhone and iPod Touch units sold in the last three years. Not really hugely relevant to the NPD report and only interesting in that it shows further evidence of Apple's management's increasing concern about the success of Google's OS...

Of course its also true to say that one swalllow doesn't make a summer and with the fourth generation iPhone just around tthe corner it will be interesting to see how Android and iPhone perform in the next couple of quarters and when numbers from Europe start coming in.