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Showing posts from April 4, 2010

iPad Impresses On First Play

Had my first hands-on with an iPad today and I wasn't really expecting to be impressed. Which just goes to show what a good job Apple have done with the iPad because I thought it was exceptionally good. Everyone who tried it had the same comment to make though: I think it would be great for my mother... not many actually considered it something that they would use themselves.

Its a lovely piece of kit and nothing like as heavy in the hands as I expected. However there were a number of very real issues which will need addressing if Apple aren't to gather themselves a large number of disgruntled customers. The keyboard is dreadful, its only really usable if the iPad is laid on a flat surface, in which case its almost possible to touch type on it. However held in the hands its impossible to 'thumb' the keyboard for even a couple of words (even in portrait mode) and you'll inevitably resort to holding the iPad in one hand and pecking at it with one finger of the other.…

Another Snapdragon In The House

Yes, I've added another phone to the collection, the second running the Snapdragon processor. I was torn between the Xperia X10 and the Desire - both have similar specs and each has its own strongpoints. In the end I plumped for the Sony-Ericsson, even though I wasn't convinced it was the better phone. It won the day on the basis of its bigger screen, better camera and looks to die for (well, as far as you can say that about a phone anyway).

Full review to follow...

Apple Adds Multitasking, Ads And Social Gaming To iPhone

The arrival of multi-tasking on the iPhone marks a major departure for Apple - this feature has been in the offing since the launch of the 3G - and improves the iPhone's ability to compete with other platforms in the future. In fact I think this will go a long way to killing off a large chunk of the competition, as iPhone-holdouts who needed multitasking see that barrier removed.

The arrival of social gaming on the platform looks to rival the Xbox integration which Microsoft announced with Windows Phone 7, whilst iAds targets Google's AdMob offering for Android users.

That seems to be the pattern for iPhone OS4, covering the improvements that newer platforms have made/addressing the iPhone's shortcomings when compared with other platforms and in general keeping Apple up with the game. I suspect the next move will be to address some of the iPhone's hardware shortcomings - new camera, screen, processor - with a hardware refresh around mid-summer.

Apple To Reveal iPhone OS 4 On April 8th

This one could be a biggie... The announcement of an OS upgrade so soon after the iPad launch means either that there's nothing major in it or that its heralds the arrival of the much needed multi-tasking functionality which would make the iPhone and iPad significantly more valuable products...

I'm guessing its the latter, there seems no reason why the iPhone cannot now handle at least limited multi-tasking and the iPad should run many programs simultaneously with ease. In fact rather than pixel doubling existing iPhone apps on the iPad I would have thought that running up to four of them at once in quarter screen windows would have been the way to go...

Of course the other import of this news is how much the revelation of the new OS will allow us to form a picture of the fourth generation iPhone. I can't believe its going to be in any way run of the mill, if for no other reason than that Android has made huge gains over the last six months. Of course there's the imminen…

F1: Hamilton Escapes Penalty Despite Outrageous Weaving

The rules are quite clear in F1, a driver may change lines once in defence of their position, which beggars the question how did Lewis Hamilton escape penalty for what amounted to the most outrageous weaving I've seen since the 1980s?

At the very least a drive through penalty should have been imposed or in lieu of that a 20 second time penalty at the end of the race.

I'm amazed that no appeal has been lodged, especially by Ferrari who would see Felipe Massa increase his championship lead should Hamilton be demoted.

This Really Should Be The Labour Campaign

This is The Guardian's April Fool poster. A joke perhaps but it bests anything that any political party has come up with in my lifetime... A little light relief from what promises to be a very long month of political bullshit that passes for an election campaign.

iPad Sales: Good, Bad or Somewhere Inbetween

Predictions for Apple iPad sales were variously half a million, 700,000; and over a million in the weeks leading up to launch day.

Actual sales? 300,000.

That's pretty good for a device that few will actually have a valid use for. Yet for once the hyperbole and media frenzy that Apple whipped up worked against them and the stock market failed to leap as it has in the days following other product launches.

All the same that's an impressive set of numbers for a days worth of sales, especially when you consider that a proportion of pre-orders must be for the as yet unreleased 3G version.

What will be far more telling will be its first month's performance as the early adopters complete their buying storm and Apple's target market start considering their potential purchases.

The benchmark will be the 74 days that the iPhone took to sell its first million. Somehow I think the iPad will easily best that.